Private & Customised WW2 Guided Battlefield Tours

Private & Customised WW2 Guided Battlefield Tours

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My unique and exciting, private, customized, WW2 European Guided Tours, cater ideally and typically, for individuals, couples and for small groups, up to 8 people. 2-3 day tours are better than only a one day tour, but if you require only a one day tour, I may be able to accommodate you (depends on number of people and dates). If not, I can refer you to one of my professional tour guide colleagues

Small bespoke tours are much more personal and interesting and a good way to make friends, or to share our mutual interest in WW2 

Come with me, to see Hitler’s Eagle’s Nes – high up on top of the beautiful Obersalzberg mountain, in stunning Bavaria, Hitler’s Berghof, or see where the 101st Airborne’s Easy Company, or the 10th Armored Division & many other divisions, fought in and around the Belgian town of Bastogne, as well as the notorious Dachau Concentration camp near Munich,  Omaha Beach in Normandy, or Arnhem & Nijmegen in Holland

For larger groups, please email me to discuss your requirements at:, or give me a call on +44 (0)7720 855690

I can offer large group tours, however, i need you to please give me plenty of notice and follow me in your own vehicles

If you are a veteran and fought in World War 2 in Europe –  your tour will be free !!

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Battle Of The Bulge Tour


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Below photo:

STOLZEMBOURG – On September the 11th 1944, the first American soldiers, since Napoleonic times, crossed the Our River, at Stolzembourg, in Luxembourg, into Germany, at this precise location, to probe defences of the German Siegfried Line (part of 5th Armored division)


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I can email you one of my recommended, customised, WW2 Guided Tour itineraries, together with prices, or if you prefer -you are welcome to suggest for how long, where, when and what you would like to see.

I will compile a full and exciting, action packed, bespoke tour to suit your requirements. A tour that you will never forget


For the more adventurous, I am happy to design and escort you on a thrilling, action-packed, WW2 themed Battlefield tour, combining World War 2 locations with a general sightseeing tour, or combining cycling, hiking or kayaking tours (weather permitting), around towns, lakes and mountains and staying in beautiful Guesthouses/Hotels along the route



MALMEDY – The infamous “Malmedy Massacre”, near the Baugnez Crossroads, by members of the Waffen SS -including the actual location of the field, great monument & excellent museum.

I will tell you all about the terrible atrocity, that occurred here, on December the 17th, 1944, that resulted in the execution of 84 unarmed American soldiers, by Joachim Peiper’s men

Below: Location of just one of the many Stavelot civilian massacres by the S.S:


CELLE PANTHER TANK (optional). The damaged German Panther tank and the story of it’s demise at Celles- one of the last actions of The Battle of The Bulge. We then go for lunch nearby, in the beautiful little town of Dinant on the river Meuse, with it’s ancient hilltop castle and stunning panoramic views.

SHERMAN – The Sherman Tank at Beffe (Task force Hogan)

LIGNEUVILLE MASSACRE  -The S.S  massacre of 8 unarmed American G.I’s, at the little Belgian village of Ligneuville, in the Ardennes and the story of the brief battle here. A look at the monument, to those who were executed behind the Hotel and the crossing of the Ambleve bridge


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Henri-Chappelle American Military Cemetery – with it’s immaculately tended graves of the fallen, including 3 Medal of Honour recipients and the grave of Brigadier General Frederick W Castle. 7,992 American soldiers are buried here, who fell in Europe during WW2.

The rows and rows of beautiful white headstones stretch out over 57 acres, in this beautiful and peaceful location.

Lommel German Military Cemetery, with over 38,000 graves – a silent sleeping army of young boys and men. Some who even fell fighting on Christmas Day! 

Some infamous burials here also, including S.S, Kreigsmarine & Wehrmacht officer’s and soldiers


Below: Rick & Rachel from near Perth, Australia – standing next to “Dragon’s Teeth” of “The Westwall”, during a recent 2017 tour – following in Rick’s father’s footsteps during WW2


Hotton British Military Cemetery – a very tranquil location. Very moving !

The story of the fierce Battle Of the little villages of Manhay & Grandmenil over the freezing Christmas of 1944 – a beautiful location, with it’s tranquil ambience – once devastated by war.

Parker’s Crossroads and the story of what happened here against an overwhelming German counter-attack. An original German Panther Tank, that fought in this battle, (2nd S.S Das Reich Division), can be seen nearby in Grandmenil. Great for photos !

POTEAU – The fierce battles of the Poteau Crossroads, Recht, Beffe, Erezee, La Roche, Malempre, Rochelinval, Stoumont, St Vith, Trois Ponts, Vielsalm,Werbomont (82nd airborne), Wibrin & Wiltz


bulge (500x367)




MARDASSON -The superb museums at Bastogne and the impressive and beautiful Mardasson Memorial.

BOIS JAQUES – The  foxholes in the “Bois Jaques” forest, just outside the tiny village of Foy – where members of “Easy Company” (101st Airborne), dug in, before the heavy assault on the German positions in Foy. (Made famous in the “Band Of Brothers T.V series and book by Stephen Ambrose).

Air supply drop zones around Bastogne. Battle damaged Sherman tank in the historic “McAuliffe” town square, beautiful huge memorial etc

RECOGNE – The Recogne German military cemetery. Also, numerous American & German foxholes/trenches on the outskirts of Bastogne and an account of the devastating battles that occurred there.

The former location of the temporary American Cemetery & beautiful memorial

Lots of memorials in this area and a trip to the  Bastogne Barracks (Heinz Barracks), – where Anthony McAuliffe’s “NUTS” phrase originated from) – Headquarters of the 101st Airborne, during the siege


Below: “K” Company foxholes (99th Infantry Division), on the Belgian/German border, near Krinkelt/Rocherath….

IMG_5545 (500x375)


The true story of an execution of 3 young German S.S soldiers in winter 1944, including the actual execution site & gravesite (Operation Greif) They were executed, because they were dressed in American uniforms and were driving captured American jeeps

Dollinger’s abandoned King Tiger Tank at La Gleize/ Panther mkV & Sherman Tanks/ U.S half-track/ Heavy artillery pieces. An excellent museum here packed with original artefacts from the fighting around the town

Houffalize with it’s original German Panther tank and a discussion about the battle for the town and how the huge Panther ended up in the river

Losheim, Losheimergraben Crossroads & Lanzerath & the incredible story of Lyle Bouck & his platoon


The heavily fought & bloody battles for the picturesque Belgian town of Stavelot, the battle for the bridge & the tragic story, of the terrible massacre, of many of the towns innocent civilians , by the trigger happy WAFFEN S.S,  as Peiper’s column advanced  back and forth through the town. A tragic and heartbreaking story. Interesting “before and after photos” are shown here.

We will follow some (or all), of Kampfgruppe Joachim Peiper’s “Rollbahn ” route during the “The Battle of The Bulge”.

We start at the exact point, near the infamous Dragon’s teeth of the Westwall, where a huge column of tanks, artillery pieces, trucks and soldiers entered the forest, passing numerous American “Company K” fighting positions and foxholes, on either side of the trail and down to the Olef & Jansbach creeks.

OPTIONAL HIKE: We then climb the hill the other side of the valley, on route to Krinkelt & Rocherath. Severe battles took place all along this route.

It is a beautiful and exciting forest hike, surrounded by nature, following in the footsteps of the many brave men that fought here.

After reaching Krinkelt & Rocherath, to view the 99th Infantry aid station and various command posts, trenches, shell crators etc – from both the American’s and the German’s, we return to our vehicle and follow the rest of the route by car, that Peiper’s armoured column took, all the way to the final devastating battle at beautiful La Gleize.


An actual location, near Cheneux ,of where Peiper’s column was strafed by allied fighters is included on the above route, as well as the “Malmedy Massacre” location and Peiper’s command posts in the area.

LA VENNE Customised WW2 Guided Tours

Optional:  From  La Gleize,  Belgium, (see above photo), we can hike the first part (2-3kms) of the exact 20km route, that Peiper’s 800 defeated, exhausted Panzergrenadiers took, to escape the American encirclement, on Christmas eve 1944. Another beautiful hike, through the pine forests of the Ardennes (duration 2 hours typically, but longer if required) Strenuous but very rewarding and superb views.


Below: An unexploded American hand grenade, that I found during a recent dig, in July 2017, in the Ardennes. Below this photo- a German gas mask (dated 1944) that I found in the same area in 2016.

My friend (one of our team members), found 3 German helmets in the same trench !! I personally found remains of a pair of German combat boots and traces of coal, used for making a fire



The Waffen S.S massacre and memorial at Honsfeld.  A peaceful village now, but once a scene of terrible brutality, as Peiper’s column advanced through the Ardennes.

BULLINGEN – Bullingen Church, the former airstrip & location of the former and massive American fuel dump

The fierce battles around the twin villages of Krinkelt & Rocherath on the Belgian/German border, featuring the American 99th Infantry division and the German 277th Volksgrenadier regiment. Lots of  battlefield evidence here

LUXEMBOURG (optional) -The wonderful Museum at Diekirch & The Battle for Clervaux

WAHLERSCHEID Customised WW2 Guided Tours



WAHLERSCHEID – the notorious battle, centred around the Wahlerscheid Crossroads (Heartbreak Crossroad’s) on the Belgian/German border (large amount of foxholes, trenches, MG machine gun emplacements, twisted steel, destroyed bunkers here). So silent and eerie here ! I will show you the forest floor-still littered with shrapnel and battle debris.

HASSELPATH – the poignant Hasselpath Forest memorial (preserved trenches, aid-station, shell crators, command posts, foxholes etc). Both sides defended this forest at different times (99th U.S  Infantry Division) and incredibly fierce battles took place here. A lovely monument stands nearby to 2 fallen soldiers – one American & one German, who’s missing bodies, were discovered decades later


Below: Looking over into Luxembourg, over the Sauer River, at Bollendorf, Germany


Optional: The Battles in and around the Luxembourg town of Wiltz & memorials

Bettendorf – The Sauer River crossing location at Bettendorf (5th Infantry Division)

Ettelbruck & the General Patton museum

Weilerbach -the River crossing at Weilerbach

Stolzembourg – Where the 1st American patrol entered Germany

PATTON – A visit to the American Military Cemetery in Hamm (Luxembourg) to see “Patton’s” Grave and graves of some of the “Band of Brothers”

Sandweiler German Military Cemetery


Below: The Battle of the Bulge Tour:  – The German Panther Tank at Grandmenil:


Extra locations of historical interest in Belgium:

Fort Eben Emael & museum- A formidable fortress with a very interesting story of Otto Skorzeny’s paratroopers took it in a daring, carefully planned attack

Fort Breendonk – Notorious & brutal Nazi Concentration Camp for Belgian Jews & political Prisoner’s


3RD Reich Tours


The Dragon’s Teeth and German defences of “The Westwall” or “Siegfried Line” (some of which show the ravages of battle)

The infamous & bloody Battle of Aachen – inc the massive air-raid bunkers-peppered with artillery shell holes and small arms fire.

Aachen was the first German city taken by the allies. Artillery positions, remains of foxholes and bunkers, former German and American command posts etc. Julicher Strasse and the story of the tram. Crucifix Hill , the Lousberg & Ravelsberg

Then a trip to the nearby towns of Rott & Roetgen to explore the German defences and the first allied crossing point of the “Westwall” by American troops. (Taskforce Lovelady).

I will show you some of the impressive Dragon’s teeth here and exploded bunkers.

The Battles and German defences around the German towns of Reisdorf, Bollendorf & Wallendorf on the Sauer River, on the German/Luxembourg border (German observation posts and Bunkers) inc one that Hitler himself visited (according to locals)

The Bettendorf River crossing -Luxembourg

A WAFFEN S.S Shooting range for training Concentration Camp Guards (SS TOTENKOPF), hidden deep in the woods and the range walls are raked with bullet holes !  A historical location.

Nearby is a former S.S Kaserne. Great photos here ! This is where the concentration camp guards were stationed and trained.

A huge and now derelict former German Helmet Factory (QUIST)


Numerous  fortified Bunkers of The Westwall, including MG machine-gun embrasures and escape hatches. Some even have some of their original green camouflage paint on the exteriors! and camo netting steel fixings 

LIMO 5 (460x345)


Slit trenches / communication trenches / aid stations & foxholes

Concentration Camps with watchtowers, electrified barbed wire fences, cellblocks, gallows, gas chambers, main gates (Jourhaus), kitchens, factory buildings, disused railway ramps, Kommondant’s villas, prisoner barracks, execution pits, human experiment buildings, museums – including Dachau, Buchenwald, Flossenburg, Ravensbruck & Sachsenhausen and more

Former Kommandant’s Villas, SS accommodation, barracks & vehicle garages

Himmler’s former family home on Lake Tegernsee

The exact location on Lake Tegernsee where Hitler arrested Ernst Rohm and his colleagues

Former railway deportation ramps, where thousands of Jews were transported in incredibly cramped conditions, starving and desperate for water -to the death camps of Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen, Belzec, Dachau, Flossenburg, Sobibor, Terezin & Treblinka etc

MG (400x300)

U-Boat pens – huge concrete structures, heavily damaged by air-raids, but still largely intact

The notorious Colditz Castle (Schloss) and the evidence of numerous escape attempts. P.O.W accomodation, theatre, exercise park, former disused railway station etc

The remains of the infamous  Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen, over the Rhine (depicted in the Hollywood film) and excellent museum, plus the memorials in the town



The Dams of The Ruhr, targeted by The legendary 617 “Dam Busters” squadron, including the Eder, Moehne and Sorpe. The Story of  Operation Chastise and Barnes Wallace/Guy Gibson)

One of Hitler’s armoured black Limousines

Former Jewish slave labour Factories including one that produced V1 & V2 Rockets and another that tried to extract gas oil from shale

The former MAUSER WERKE factory, where hundreds of thousands of K98 German rifles were manufactured

Bomb crators and shell holes

NATZ (400x300)

The huge and impressive Nuremberg Courthouse, including the original bench that Goering, Hess, Ribbentrop and Speer etc, sat on during the trial and a look at the Hotel where Hitler used to stay and address the massive, adoring crowds, from his balcony. We have lunch or evening dinner in the beautiful old town.

GERMANY JUNE 2012 364 (500x334)

Grave locations of top German dignitaries, including Field Marschal’s Erwin Rommel,  Walter Model, Joachim Peiper, Reinhard Heydrich, Albert Speer, Fritz Todt, Sepp Deitrich, Heinz Guderian , Jodl etc

An Ampitheatre, for propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbel’s- which was purpose built by the Nazis in the mid 1930’s and could hold up to 20,000 people


The top-secret, former front line field headquarters of Adolf Hitler including accommodation bunkers & bodyguard accommodation

Adolf Hitler’s residences, in the snow-capped mountains of beautiful Bavaria– The Berghof & The Eagle’s Nest. Breathaking alpine scenery !

The Obersalzberg in Bavaria, where all the top Nazis had residences, including original guardhouse locations, allied bomb crators, SS bodyguard accommodation (now a restored hotel) and deep underground air-raid bunkers, complete with MG machine-gun emplacements , impregnable walls, original ventilation pipework & bullet & shell scarred walls

BERLIN OCT 2010 925 (400x267)

Where Hitler took his daily walk to the Teehause, on the Mosslahnerkopf – a secret, idylic pine forest hike in Bavaria, with incredibly beautiful mountain scenery, with his secretary’s and top Nazis including Speer, Himmler, Ribbentrop, Goering etc. An awesome location for photographs !

Where Adolf Hitler was imprisoned in Landsberg and exact photo location of  where Hitler stood outside the city wall when he was released. Many Nazi war criminals were executed here

DURNBACH CWGC Allied bomber crew Military Cemetery near Bad Tolz


Route of a “TODESMARCH” (Death march) by allied prisoner’s and Jewish concentration camp prisoner’s, including an impressive memorial

The “HOFBRAUHAUS” Beer Kellar in Munich, where Hitler made his infamous early speeches – still in use today ! Great to have a beer here !


Munich University & the tragic Sophie & Hans Scholl story (The White Rose Resistance Group)

The site of the former Fuhrerbunker in Berlin & the Holocaust memorial, built on top of Goebbel’s bunker. Hitler spent the last few months of his life and committed suicide here in 1945 – deep underground in a huge, damp concrete bunker.

GERMANY JUNE 2012 271 (500x334)

Battle scarred buildings, monuments & bridges in Berlin

Original marble from the destroyed Reich Chancellery building in Berlin

The first Soviet T34 Tanks to enter the centre of Berlin

Stalag Luft 111 – The Allied p.o.w camp- famously depicted in the Hollywood film – “The Great Escape” including train station and museum.


Below: The location of Hitler’s “BERGHOF” ruin on the Obersalzberg, Bavaria (Bayern)…..

Customised WW2 Guided Tours

The battle scarred facade of the once majestic and huge former Anhalter Bahnof railway station in central Berlin and nearby huge air-raid bunker, destroyed by allied bombs

The Zeppelinfeld Nazi party grounds and Ehrenhof in Nuremberg, where annually, the Nazis held their huge ceremonial rallies to the masses and where Hitler addressed up to 250,000 people

The impressive Olympic Stadium in Berlin, with original Olympic bell and original train station

Goering’s massive Air ministry building in Berlin (Luftwaffe Headquarters)

Remnants of the cell block from the former Gestapo headquarters in Berlin and museum nearby

Third Reich Guided Tours, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin WW2 Tours, WW2 Battlefield Tours, 3rd Reich, Hitlers Bunker,


Wehrmacht Headquarters & the Stauffenberg plot/execution yard/memorial etc, Berlin (July Plot and attempted assassination of Hitler)

Former airfields used by the Luftwaffe- inc Templehof etc with it’s original, huge, Third Reich eagle’s head, displayed outside

The building & now museum- where the German surrender was signed reluctantly, in 1945,by Field Marshal Keitel, in the Berlin suburbs

Former locations of slave labour factories and aircraft manufacture plants

The Wannsee Villa , where the “final solution to the Jewish question” was discussed and finalised, by Heydrich & Eichmann etc.


Below:  Just a fraction of some of the stunning views you will see, during my “THIRD REICH IN FLAMES TOURS”……


Carinhall – location of Goering’s lavish former residence, deep in the forest, which was destroyed, as the allies advanced towards Berlin

Fascinating museums with numerous artefacts

The courthouse building location, where the Kommandant (Josef Kramer) and female  S.S guards of Bergen Belsen (inc Irma Gresse), were sentenced and hanged by Hangman Albert Pierrepoint

Allied bomber crash sites & memorials & Luftwaffe fighter & bomber crash sites

British & American air force cemeteries

EAGLE Customised WW2 Guided Tours


Former Third reich Eagles, still displayed on many old buildings

Former gigantic, fortified Flak towers for defending allied air raids including the remains of the  massive Humbolthain Flak tower (one of 4 that defended Berlin from allied planes). A friend of mine used to be a 17 year old soldier on this Flak Tower, so I have some nice stories to tell you about.

Prison torture chambers & cells

Hotels where Hitler stayed and where he stood on balconies addressing the masses

Railway stations where Hitler arrived at

Hitler’s former residences in Munich

zeppelinfeld Customised WW2 Guided Tours

Former Gestapo headquarters buildings and cell blocks

The grave locations of  Fritz Todt & Reinhard Heydrich in Berlin

Himmler’s suicide location

Himmler’s mythical Wewelsburg  S.S Castle


The location of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel’s forced suicide, monument, his family home and his grave

The secret location in the forest, where MESSERSCHMITT ME262 fighter jets were manufactured and assembled, using Jewish slave labour, before being towed to the nearby Luftwaffe airfield

The castle where the blockbuster film “Where Eagles Dare” was filmed, starring Clint Eastwood

Locations from the epic Hollywood film “The Great Escape” starring Steve Mcqueen, Charles Bronson, James Garner, James Coburn, Richard Attenborough etc, in beautiful Fussen, with it’s “magical” castle. Stunning scenery here !

The town where notorious S.S doctor Josef Mengele (The so-called “Angel of Death”) was born and the Mengele Tractor factory

Former Euthanasia facilities, memorials to the victims and Castles (The Aktion T4 programme). Graffeneck, Hartheim, Hadamar etc.

IMG_9723 (500x333)


Omaha Beach and it’s mass of German defensive bunkers, trenches, machine-gun nest positions, remnants of the pebble ridge & monuments. Individual stories of heroism will be relayed here on the beach

The exact location, where the allied fleet was first spotted on D-Day and the story of the officer who saw and reported it

Utah Beach with it’s excellent museum and German personell bunkers, defence bunkers and Tobruk’s, monuments etc, Sherman Tank, U.S half-track


The story of “The Big Red One” in Normandy – The American 1st Infantry Division, including locations where they fought and monuments, graves etc

Sword Beach, Gold Beach & Juno Beach – monuments, tanks, field guns, destroyed bunkers several excellent museums

Arromanches – with remains of the “Mulberry Harbour” that was built to bring in supplies and equipment to the landed troops

IMG_8414 (500x333)

Port en Bessin – German defences, blockhouses and trench systems and excellent museum of wrecked military vehicles and field guns, recovered from the sea

Pointe-du-Hoc – massive bomb crators and destroyed German pillboxes and the story of Colonel Rudder’s Ranger Battalion that took this position, in a highly trained and dangerous, daring mission

The German Gun Battery at Longues-sur-Mer. Still intact with it’s huge guns and observation bunker, overlooking the invasion beaches

The field near Brecourt Manor, where Major Richard Winters & his “Band of Brothers” destroyed a vital German gun battery

The massive Azeville Gun Battery (photo below)


The Immaculate Colleville-sur-Mer American Military Cemetery and museum/monument, above Omaha Beach. Individual soldier’s graves will be discussed here as we pay our respects to the fallen. A detailed inspection of WN62 (The largest German defensive position above Omaha Beach). Plus a visit to  Brigadier Theodore “Ted” Roosevelt Junior’s grave (Medal of Honor recipient)

The Merville Gun Battery- with it’s cluster of bunkers and fortifications – heavily defended on D-Day


The original Pegasus Bridge, the replacement bridge & The Gondree Cafe location, including monuments & great museum, including replica Horsa glider

The amazing “Dead Man’s Corner” Museum near Carentan, with it’s “Band of Brothers” -Easy Company displays and uniforms, inc the actual uniform, worn by Major Richard “Dick”Winters

Saint- Marie du Mont & church

Saint-Come-du-Mont & church

Beautiful statue/memorial , in honour of Major Richard Winters


The huge German Military Cemeteries of Orglandes and La Cambe, inc a visit to see Panzer ace -Michael Wittmann’s grave and the grave of the first German General killed on D-Day

St Mere Eglise Church  & excellent museum

Ranville British Military Cemetery


The huge St Marcouf (Crisbecq) German Gun Battery, observation bunker and hospital Bunker, near Utah Beach. This battery engaged the allied fleet off Utah Beach on D-Day

“Purple Heart Lane” – Carentan – the bridges & the location of Lieutenant Robert Cole’s infamous bayonet charge. Fantastic memorial here !

82nd Airborne’s General James Gavin’s Foxhole, impressive monument & the La Fiere bridge battle location.

Drop zones of the 101st Airborne paratroopers

The above locations are well known……i cannot list all the little less well known locations that i will show you, as they will be copied by my competitors.





(Main locations listed only) – I will show you lots of smaller, remote locations- such as railway deportation stations, subcamps, derelict factories, death march locations, SS training camps, former p.o.w camp locations, slave labour quarries.

Former S.S accommodation and Kommandant’s villas, execution sites, museums, memorial stones, factory tunnels, prisons, torture methods and implements, cell blocks, gallows, railway carriages that carried the Jews, hospitals and Euthanasia centres etc etc…..


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AMSTERDAM (Anne Frank -Holland)

AUSCHWITZ 1 (Poland)




BELZEC (Poland)


BISINGEN (Germany)

BREENDONK (Fort) (Belgium)



CHELMNO (Poland)

DACHAU (Southern Germany)

EBENSEE (Austria)






GUSEN (Austria)


LIDICE (Czech Republic)




MITTELBAU DORA – former V1 & V2 rocket manufacturing underground factories (Germany)





PLASZOW CAMP (POLAND) Inc evil Kommandant Amon Goeth’s former Villa & S.S officer’s house




SOBIBOR (Poland)




VUGHT (Holland)

WARSAW (Poland)







Margraten American Military Cemetery & Lieutenant Robert Cole’s grave (Medal of Honor recipient)

Joe’s Bridge, the position of the German defences & the factory

“HELL’S HIGHWAY” -The location where the first Sherman tanks were destroyed and where the German positions were strafed by Typhoon aircraft sorties

Valkenswaard Allied Military Cemetery inc Sergeant Major – W.J Parkes grave (Irish Guards)

Valkenswaard town square


Eindhoven “Screaming Eagles” Monuments

The Dommel road bridge on “Hell’s Highway” (route taken by XXX Corps)

The Son Bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal and the attack route of the 107 Panzer Brigade

Best, Saint Oedenrode, Veghel & Uden

Uden CWGC Military Cemetery

Grave Bridge & the battle scarred German defensive bunkers around it (plus the nearby drop zones of the 82nd Airborne


The Nijmegen road & rail bridges, bunkers and former roadblock. Lent church.

The German defensive positions around Nijmegen Bridge, inc the Hunner Park & the Valkhof

Memorials to Dutch Resistance member & hero – Jan Van Hoof and the tragic story of his execution, plus a visit to his grave

Camp Vught (Concentration Camp)

Kurt “Panzer” Meyer’s Headquarters

Nijmegen Bridge & The River Waal crossing location


The Arnhem road Bridge (The John Frost Bridge)

The Jonkerbos CWGC Allied Military Cemetery

Brigadier Hackett’s foxholes and the Wolfheze “jeep culvert”

The Ginkelse Heide drop zone and other important drop zones near Wolfheze

Oosterbeek British defensive positions (The Perimeter)

Oosterbeek CWGC British Military Cemetery

The Driel river crossing


The Tafelberg Hotel (Model’s 2nd command headquarters during the battle)

The ambush location of German General Major Kussin’s staff car

The Kate Ter Horst House location

The St Elisabeth Hospital

The alleyway and house where General Roy Urquhart hid from the German’s after getting separated from his men

The Lonsdale Church & memorial

Part of the escape route, from the church, to the lower Rhein River, of Frost’s men

The Hartenstein Hotel (formerly Model’s Headquarters). Great museum !

Private Joe Mann memorials in and around Best & location of where he was killed (medal of honor recipient)

Lancaster Bomber crash monument

The Eerde Windmill & memorial 

Lieutenant Robert Cole’s memorial at Best & location where he was tragically killed

Drop zones of the 101st & 82nd Airborne paratroopers









Below: German dog tags, found in the River Rhein, under the collapsed Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen


Below: WW2 shrapnel damage on the WW1 monument at Remagen:




Hurtgen Church

Vossenack Church

The former Wildesau Minefield location

Field Marshall Walter Model’s grave


Schmidt Church

Aid station in the Kall Valley

The Kall Trail hike

Merode – German trenches, Merode Castle, bullet scarred house and the Eric Fisher Wood story & memorial

The Der Buhlert Bunkers


Simonskall Bunkers

Gey Church

German Military Cemetery near Vossenack

The Brandenberg/Bergstein Ridge

Raffelsbrand Road Junction Bunkers & trench systems


Remnants of ” The Westwall” (Dragon’s Teeth)

Roetgen (Norman “Dutch” Cota’s command post)

Hill 400 Bergstein

Hill 203 Heistern




Strass & Hill 375

American & German field graves and memorials



Zweifall bunker










The huge original façade of the former Anhalter Bahnhof, where Hitler would sometimes arrive at in Berlin by train

The famous Brandenberg Tor (gate)

Former location of the Adlon Hotel

One of Goering’s actual Luftwaffe uniforms (the one he was captured wearing)

Former location of Spandau Prison, where Rudolf Hess was imprisoned and where he died

The “Bendlerblock” (Former Wehrmacht Headquarters & site of the Stauffenberg & co- conspirators executions)

The Reichstag

The Moltke Bridge

The location of where the Fuhrer bunker was located

The Jewish memorial (above Joseph Goebell’s bunker)


The Olympic Stadium & famous Bell

The Lichterfelde barracks

The Victory Tower

Massive air raid shelter bunker

The Humbolthain flak tower

The former Air Ministry building (Goering’s Luftwaffe Headquarters)

Remains of the cell block at Gestapo Headquarters


Remnants of the Berlin Wall

Checkpoint Charlie

Karlshorst Villa -Museum (the location where Keitel reluctantly signed the German surrender)

The Luftwaffe Museum

The CWGC British Military Cemetery (R.A.F)


The load body (Germania)

Templehof Airport & Third Reich Eagle

The Tiergarten

The Seelow Heights & memorial

Soviet Memorial with T34 tanks & artillery pieces


Plotzensee Prison, where thousands who opposed Hitler were executed (inc those implicated in the July 1944 bomb plot)

The former location of “The People’s Court” (Roland Freisler)

Heydrich’s grave location

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Original marble from the former Reich Chancellery

A deportation railway station, in Berlin, where the Jews were sent to the Concentration camps

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp & execution pit, Jourhaus, crematorium etc

Ravensbruck Concentration Camp & crematorium etc

Bullet scarred buildings etc.





The Heydrich family Villa, outside Prague

The daily route by Mercedes, that Heydrich took into Prague

The Hradny Castle

The Opera House, where Heydrich was the night before the assassination attempt

The location of the assassination attempt, memorial, the escape route and shoot-out

The actual Sten gun used during the operation


The hospital where a mortally wounded Heydrich was taken to

The safe houses used by the Czech assassins

Gestapo Headquarters

The Charles Bridge and the route of Heydrich’s funeral procession to the central station


The Church & it’s crypt where the Czech assassins were hidden, before being surrounded by the S.S and the story of the battle and the desperate escape attempt. Museum visit etc

Theresienstadt (Terezin) Transit Camp

The tragedy of Lidice and Lezaky inc memorials & museum

The Execution grounds and memorial – where hundreds of Prague’s citizens were executed in mass reprisals, under Hitler’s orders