Operation Market Garden Tours

Operation Market Garden Tours

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Operation Market Garden Tours



MARGRATEN – Margraten American Military Cemetery & Lieutenant Robert Cole’s grave (Medal of Honor recipient)

LT ROBERT COLE – The location where Lieutenant Robert Cole was killed by a sniper and memorial nearby

JOE MANN – The heroic story of Private Joe Mann and the place where he was killed. As well as superb memorials to Joe Mann

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JOE’S BRIDGE – The first bridge taken & the position of the German defences & the factory, on the Belgian/German border.

Therefore – the start position of the ill-fated campaign

“HELL’S HIGHWAY” -The start point where the “Market Garden” operation, set off from.

SHERMANS DESTROYED – The location where the first Sherman tanks were destroyed along “HELL’S HIGHWAY” as well as, where the German positions were strafed, by Typhoon aircraft sorties

MOOK  War Cemetery

GROESBEEK  Canadian War Cemetery & nearby drop zones


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Operation Market Garden Tours



HELL’S HIGHWAY – Location of the S.S massacre of unarmed Dutch civillians, on the Belgian/Dutch Border

Valkenswaard Allied Military Cemetery inc Sergeant Major – W.J Parkes grave (Irish Guards)

Valkenswaard town square



Eindhoven “Screaming Eagles” Monuments & The Phillip’s factory location

101st “Screaming Eagles” paratrooper drop zones  & LZ’s around the Son Forest & great memorials

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Operation Market Garden Tour


Dommel road bridge on “Hell’s Highway” (route taken by XXX Corps)

Son Bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal and the attack route of the 107 Panzer Brigade. In addition to this – nearby drop zone of the 101st Airborne paratroopers & their approach route to the German held bridge

Best, Saint Oedenrode, Veghel & Uden


Groesbeek Canadian Cemetery, Gavins drop zone, operation market garden tours, hells highway, arnhem guided tours, nijmegen tours


Uden CWGC Military Cemetery

GRAVE – Grave Bridge & the battle scarred German defensive bunkers around it (in addition – the nearby drop zones of the 82nd Airborne)

Overasselt & Nederasselt drop zones

EERDE – The Battle for the Eerde Windmill

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NIJMEGEN -The beautiful Nijmegen road & rail bridges, bunkers and former roadblock As well as the Lent church & location of where the German’s had an 88mm gun positioned

German defensive positions around Nijmegen Bridge, inc the Hunner Park, Belvedere Tower & the Valkhof and the approach routes, of the allied attacks

Memorials to Dutch Resistance member & hero – Jan Van Hoof and the tragic story of his execution, plus a visit to his grave

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VUGHT – Camp Vught (Concentration Camp)

Kurt “Panzer” Meyer’s Headquarters – Vught

BRIDGES – Nijmegen Road & Railway Bridges & The River Waal crossing location & memorial. Plus a look at the Dutch bunker, where the bridge detonators were


Operation Market Garden Tour


Market Garden Guided Tours, WW2 Battlefield Tours Holland, Grave Bridge, Arnhem, Nijmegen, 82nd Airborne Drop Zones, Overasselt, Oosterbeek, WW2 Tours



The Paratrooper Drop Zones around Wolfheze

WOLFHEZE – The Wolfheze “Jeep” Tunnel & memorials

Canadian & British Foxholes around Mook

 Location of the Paratroopers ambush on German General -Friedrich Kussin’s staff car

Brigadier Hackett’s defensive foxholes, deep in the forest near Wolfheze

GINKEL HEATH – The Ginkel Heide drop zone and memorials


Mook War Cemetery, market garden guided tours, ww2 tours netherlands


ARNHEM – The Arnhem road Bridge (Sir John Frost Bridge) and 1st Airborne memorials

OOSTERBEEK – Hartenstein Hotel & Museum (Ist Airborne defences and formerly Walther Model’s Headquarters) Sherman Tank here and field artillery gun

Taffelberg Hotel (Walther Model’s Headquarters during the battles)

Oosterbeek Perimeter together with key sites in this area

Arnhem Oosterbeek  War Cemetery

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Operation Market Garden Tours


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JOHN FROST BRIDGE – The infamous Arnhem Road Bridge and Museum

GROESBEEK – The Groesbeek Heights Museum

JONKERBOSS – The Jonkerboss allied Military Cemetery

We follow “The Lion Route” – Codename for Frost’s paratroopers route to the Arnhem Road Bridge

Driel River Crossing


Son Bridge, 101st airborne memorials holland, market garden guided tours, ww2 tours netherlands


Kate Ter Horst House

Lonsdale Church and the battle around it. In addition – the aid-station

Arnhem – The area around the Arnhem bridge where Frost’s men fought so desperately. In addition  to this- the Battle damage around the bridge and memorials

Part of the Escape route to the lower Rhein, used by Frost’s men, as well as various memorials on route

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Operation Market Garden Tours


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Operation Market Garden Tours


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Operation Market Garden Tours


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