Tragedy of the Holocaust WW2 Guided Tour

Tragedy of the Holocaust WW2 Guided Tour

My “Tragedy of the Holocaust WW2 Guided Tour”, can consist of any of the following locations (Main locations listed only)


I will show you lots of  remote locations- such as railway deportation stations, sub-camps, derelict factories –

death march locations & memorials, SS training camps, former p.o.w camp locations, slave labour quarries, former S.S accommodation and Kommandant’s villas, execution sites, museums, memorial stones, factory tunnels, prisons, torture methods and implements.

Cell blocks, gallows, railway carriages that carried the Jews, hospitals and Euthanasia centres etc ….

Holocaust Guided Tours


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Tragedy of the Holocaust WW2 Guided Tour





AMSTERDAM (Anne Frank -Holland)



1 – AUSCHWITZ 1 & 11 (Poland) Gas chamber, Kommandant Rudolf Hoess’s family home, (reconstructed gallows -on the exact spot where Hoess was hung after his trial).

Standing cells, artefacts, memorials, barbed wire fences, ponds where human ash was dumped, Josef Mengele’s experiment barrack location, latrine blocks, punishment block, execution wall, kitchens,

2 – AUSCHWITZ 11 BIRKENAU (Poland) Gas Chamber ruins, railway spur unloading ramp, infamous main gate, watchtowers etc, foundations of the “whitehouse” & the “redhouse” kitchens, brick and wooden barracks, Mengele’s experiments barrack, memorials to the victims etc

3 -AUSCHWITZ 111 MONOWITZ (Poland) location of the former p.o.w camp, slave labourers barracks and I.G Farben & Buna factories, plus original barbed wire and surrounding walls


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Tragedy of the Holocaust WW2 Guided Tour


BELZEC (Poland)

BERGEN BELSEN (Germany) Museum, former camp location, original box-car, used for transporting Jews, artefacts found in the grounds, mass graves, Soviet Cemetery and Memorial stone to Anne & Margot Frank, who tragically died here in April 1945

BISINGEN (Germany)

BREENDONK (Fort) (Belgium)

BUCHENWALD (Germany) The Jourhaus, Kommandant & S.S officer Villa foundations, barrack foundations, dog kennels, former site of War production factory, bomb crators, watchtowers, crematorium, cell block, torture cells, railway line unloading ramp, museum, memorials, execution locations…

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CHELMNO (Poland)

DACHAU (Southern Germany) Museum, Jourhaus, Railway siding where the “Death Train” was discovered by liberating U.S soldiers, the cell block, execution wall, shooting range, barrack locations, watchtowers, crematorium etc, S.S accommodation, former war production factory locations. Dachau was the 1st large Concentration camp to be built, very close to the little town of Dachau

EBENSEE (Austria)




GARDELEGEN Memorial & the story of the terrible S.S massacre here of Jews


GUSEN 1 & GUSEN 11 MEMORIALS (Austria) & The location of the Bergkristall Tunnels, used for German War production. The former Camp entrance here (Jourhaus), is now a family home

HINZERT Camp Memorial (Germany)






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Tragedy of the Holocaust Guided WW2 Tour

LUBLIN (Poland) The former Lublin Jewish Ghetto


MAJDANEK (Poland) One huge memorial here, is made from human ashes, of thousands of victims

MAUTHAUSEN & MAUTHAUSEN QUARRY (Austria) Mauthausen is huge and survives virtually intact, as most of the camp was made with granite, from the nearby quarry

MITTELBAU DORA – former V1 & V2 rocket manufacturing underground factories (Germany)

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Tragedy of the Holocaust WW2 Guided Tour


Tragedy of the Holcaust WW2 Guided Tour


NORDHAUSEN -Germany (V2 Rocket manufacture/assembly)


OHRDORF (Germany)

PLASZOW CAMP (POLAND) Inc evil Kommandant Amon Goeth’s former Villa, location of mass graves, former camp workshop ruins & S.S officer’s house (SS STRASSE) KZ Plaszow was featured in the film -Schindler’s List

RAVENSBRUCK (Germany) Himmler’s Concentration Camp, exclusively for Women. Ravensbruck was an extremely brutal camp, situated North of Berlin


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SACHSENHAUSEN (Germany) The Jourhaus, execution pit, War production factories, dissection room, cell block, gallows, Kommandant’s Villa, S.S accommodation & garages, S.S Casino, crematorium ruins. Sachsenhausen was situated North of Berlin

Watchtowers, Memorials, location of Barracks used for secret counterfeiting operation (Operation Bernhard) Railway station, Route of forced “Death March”, Russian prisoner barracks, barbed wire fences etc. Sachsenhausen was an extremely brutal Concentration camp and one of the first to be built, using slave labour

SOBIBOR Death Camp (Poland) The memorials, the unloading ramp, the former barracks locations, gas chamber etc and Museum & The story of the daring, dangerous, mass breakout by 300 inmates. (See the film ” Escape from Sobibor”). Sobibor was situated near the Ukranian border and was hidden deep in the forest

In 2010 – i interviewed one of the escapees, of the Sobibor revolt -Thomas “Toivi” Blatt and I will tell you the true story, of his role in the escape and his desperate days on the run, hunted down, by thousands of heavily armed S.S soldiers, through the pine forests of Eastern Poland

THERESIENSTADT -TEREZIN (Czech Republic) Railway station, Barracks, Memorials, Cells, ancient Fort, gallows & Cemetery for murdered victims. Terezin/Theresienstadt, was situated near Prague


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Tragedy of the Holocaust Guided WW2 Tours


TREBLINKA (Poland). Treblinka was a death camp. I will show you the foundations of barracks at Treblinka, as well as, memorials and location of the gas chambers. Also, the railway line, that led into the camp, near Malkinia

VUGHT (Holland)

WARSAW (Poland)





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Tragedy of the Holocaust WW2 Guided Tour