Hell of the Hurtgen Forest WW2 Tour

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(including 28th Infantry Division, 4th Infantry, 83rd infantry, 9th Infantry, 78th Infantry, 2nd Ranger Battalion, 3rd & 5th Armored Divisions etc etc)

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Hurtgen – The beautifully rebuilt Hurtgen Church & a nearby battle scarred house. Plus some great “Then & Now” photos, inc one at the location of the so-called “Hurtgen Hotel” – 8th Division’s – 121st Infantry Regiment’s temporary C.P. Plus a discuSsion about the hand to hand, house to house close combat, that ensued, to wrestle the vital town from the Germans. (121st Infantry, 8th Division)

Scenic hike – A  beautiful, historic, flat walk along the Kall River from Simonskall

Vossenack Church & the extremely heavy battles for the village.

Plus a visit to the excellent Vossenack Museum. Fantastic collection of Battlefield relics here, uniforms, weapons, maps, photos etc (However – museum only open on Sunday’s)

Lukas – Muhle (large former German aid-station), near Schmidt & Vossenack

Tiefelbach River & the assaults on Brandenberg & Bergstein. Lots of untouched foxholes here


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Below:  Construction of  the”Dragon’s Teeth” (Hockerlinie), of the “Westwall” near Lammersdorf

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The 4 very impressive and intact, “Der Buhlert” camouflaged German Bunkers, hidden deep in the forest, near Schmidt (optional long hike, but well worth it).

We can enter one of these bunkers,  to see how well they were built and how the young German soldiers lived

SCHMIDT -The 2 ferocious Battles for Schmidt (28th & 78th Infantry Divisions)

GERMETER – The Germeter – Hurtgen road and the location where a Sherman tank fell into a huge crator

WILDESAU -The former massive German “Wildesau” (Wild Sow) Minefield location, on the Germeter-Hurtgen road (b399)

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Field Marshall Walter Model’s grave & The Vossenack German Military Cemetery (Hill 470). 2,347 are buried here)

HURTGEN CEMETERY – The Hurtgen German Military Cemetery (3,0001 burial’s) and the story about Lt Lengfeld – The German officer who lost his life, trying to aid a severely wounded American soldier, in the minefield in this location

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A Field grave, in the forest, near Germeter, of a young 19 year old Luftwaffe soldier -Benno Schott

Field grave of an American soldier (Sgt Lemuel Herbert) at Kommerscheidt

The intense fighting in and around Obermaubach & Untermaubach and it’s important bridge

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Personal items I recovered from a 2 man American foxhole, (28th Infantry Division -110th Infantry), in the Hurtgen, in October 2018. Items include 2 civilian silver spoons, a coffee ration packet, various kit buttons, shrapnel, M1 Garand rifle bullets, Garand ammo clip, an Artillery uniform button, wire and the best discovery of all – a sewing thimble.

This discovery tells a story. The soldier was obviously sewing buttons onto his uniform and eating and drinking his rations, in this freezing foxhole, before German mortars have hit their positions. (because i found  German mortar shells nearby, crators and several other foxholes)

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Gey – on the edge of the Hurtgen

Gressenich, Stolberg & Schevenhutte

Kesternich – a village where 2 ferocious battles occurred, house to house, hand-to hand combat and the story of how a medal of honor was won


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Huge piece of shrapnel I found, on the edge of an American foxhole, near Grosshau, in January 2019

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7  x unfired GERMAN MG42 machine gun rounds, from an ammunition belt, found for my customer’s on the Kall Trail (9-10-2019)

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Ordensburg Vogelsang (Massive former Nazi training/education complex in the Eifel)

Paustenbach (Hill 554) – The heavy fighting to take this strategic hill, that lasted almost 2 weeks and cost many lives on both sides. The exploded and buried German bunkers and a long impressive stretch of Dragon’s Teeth can be seen here. (39th infantry)

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WEISER WEH – Rabenheck, Ernest Hemmingway’s route, Paul Boesch’s route of march and attack and “Death Valley” (optional long hikes in the Weiser Weh Valley)

OCHSENKOPF – The mass of German positions, extensive trenches, minefields, foxholes, field graves, memorials, huge shell crators & bunkers on the “Ochsenkopf” hill, near the notorious Raffelsbrand road junction


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Jagerhaus (Forester’s House) and nearby location, where the 8th Division’s – 28th Infantry regiment de-trucked and then marched to begin fighting in and around Germeter & Vossenack

Haus Brandt (German C.P) near Kleinhau. Nicely preserved American foxholes in this area (121st Infantry) and German positions inc observation post, on the edge of the woods

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Hell of the Hurtgen Forest Tour

SCHMIDT – Schmidt Church, the American & German direction of attacks &  a memorial made entirely from shrapnel


MESTRENGER MUHLE – A beautifully restored water mill, near the Kall river bridge,  that was used as an aid-station and was heavily damaged

AID-STATION – The former improvised American Aid station location, on the Kall trail, in the Kall Valley

schevenhutte, hurtgen forest guided tours


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KALL TRAIL HIKE – The Kall Trail hike, from Vossenack to Schmidt & Kommerscheidt, including an American armored vehicle track -burnt into the ground, the Kall Bridge itself, the location of the aid-station & the Mestrenger Muhle 

ALL SOULS DAY BATTLE -The Kall Bridge,”A Time for healing” memorial & foxholes by the trail itself, plus a discussion about “The All Souls Day Battle” and the unofficial ceasfire that occurred here and was negotiated at the bridge

I can show you masses of American & German foxholes on and surrounding the Kall Trail valley

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Guiding American Film director – John Herzfeld & his wife around the Hurtgen in October 2018. (John’s father fought in the Strass area (330th Infantry of the 83rd division)

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Anker’s MG Squad Memorial – Kleinhau (a touching tribute to an extremely brave American machine gun squad, that were overcome & were tragically killed in the woods here)

TODTENBRUCH – The Todtenbruch – “Dead Man’s Moor” – blown German Bunkers , foxholes and an American soldier’s field grave memorial

ROLLSBROICH – The heavy battles around the little town of Rollsbroich


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MERODE – a fine example of extensive German trenches can be clearly seen here, in the now peaceful forest. Plus an insight into the  6 day battle here, the heavy fighting in and around the beautifully restored Merode Castle (39th Infantry) and a bullet scarred house in the village itself.

A discussion about the terrible battles that were fought here in Merode, at a very heavy cost to the American 1st Infantry Division and the German 3rd  Fallschirmjager division

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Below:  Battle scarred house Merode

Hell of the Hurtgen Forest Tour

DER BUHLERT -The German “Der Buhlert” Bunkers, near Schmidt. 4 large intact bunkers

Simonskall German Bunkers, including a uniquely restored , former German aid-station bunker, with original beds, stretchers and other equipment

Gey (American positions & foxholes)

Nideggen Church & Castle

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Hill 400 Bergstein


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The Brandenberg/Bergstein Ridge & the ferocious battles for the strategic and vital”Castle Hill” -Hill 400 (inc 2nd Ranger Battalion) Plus the story of the Anderson Brothers, who died here. Also a look at German MG positions and foxholes on the Brandenberg-Bergstein ridge

Location of the field grave & memorial cross, to PFC Paul Peternell (121st Infantry 8th Division), who died on the 9th of December 1944. His body was found in July 1981

RAFFELSBRAND – The battles for the heavily defended Raffelsbrand Road Junction Bunkers & extensive trench systems

Hurtgen Forest Guided Tours, Kall Trail, Ochsenkopf, WW2 Battlefield Tours, German WW2 Bunker Tours



Remnants of ” The Westwall” (Dragon’s Teeth) at Simmerath, Paustenbach & Lammersdorf

Rott (Norman “Dutch” Cota’s Command post -28th Infantry Division)

James E Rudder’s Command Post – Germeter (2nd Ranger Battalion)

Roetgen/Rott (Dragon’s Teeth) – 1st penetration of the Siegfried Line – September 13th 1944-Task Force Lovelady – 3rd Armored division. German bunkers here and M.G position

Hill 203 – Heistern -many American 18th Infantry foxholes here


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The heavily defended town of Lammersdorf. American Jump-off positions from this town on the “Siegfried Line”  (Huge German water bunker hidden in the forest). Dragon’s teeth etc & rebuilt church

Simmerath and a great example of a long line of “Dragon’s teeth” of the “Siegfried Line”

Schevenhutte and the battles for this strategic town, inc some nice “Then & Now” photos

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The Schwammenauel  & Urft Dams

STRASS -The battles for Strass, Bergheim & Hill 375 – Well preserved American 330th Infantry (83rd division) foxholes in the forest and German positions can be seen here

Winden – excellent bridge memorial & heavily battle scarred building, where the Germans were firing from, covering the bridge itself

Hell of the Hurtgen Forest Tour

Kleinhau Church & excellent Memorials

Grosshau Church & excellent Memorials

Zweifall German bunkers & American command post with memorial. (Jump off-positions began here). Site of blown bridge

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German Aid Station Bunker


Hell of the Hurtgen Forest Tour


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Hill 400 Bergstein


Hell of the Hurtgen Forest Tour

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